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General Service

Nothing less than the best service is what we want to offer.

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Harbour- and Shipservice

We do not equip the biggest vessels only! Many harbours are delighted by our services.

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Consulting and Comission

We focus every day on an individual consulting and guidance in health questions. >>> more


Since almost 250 years – exactly since 1768 – the Hafenapotheke shaped Hamburg harbour’s incomparable charm and thus became an indispensable part of it. Moreover, the Hafenapotheke does not provide its services to private clients only, but is also responsible for the supply of various shipps entering Hamburg Harbour.

Due to long-term experience und exceptional competence, the Hafenapotheke-team is able to manage this unique combination for chemists every day professionally. Being to able to allocate and deliver every medication quickly -  regardless of whether usual or rare – the team of Hafenapotheke delights you with the extra amount of service.

Needless to say, you will benefit from our unique and individual consultancy – the Hafenapotheke Hamburg is more than happy to welcome you!


We always want to offer our customers the best service:

  • Compiling first-aid kits and home medicine chests
  • Reviewing first-aid kits for cars
  • Fitting compression hosiery
  • Determining BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • Measuring blood pressure
  • Hiring out blood pressure measuring devices
  • Hiring out respiratory therapy devices (PARI BOY)
  • Order service by fax and e-mail

We are also always happy to lend an ear to your special wishes. Simply contact us by telephone or e-mail.

We will make every effort at all times to procure promptly any medicines or health products not in stock


We not only outfit big tubs! Our customers are shipyards, shipping companies, charter brokers/agents, and ship's chandlers. We dock at a large number of ports in Northern Germany.

We specialize in:

  • Outfitting and checking ship's dispensaries right on board
  • Medical equipment for newly built ships
  • MFAG (emergency therapy)
  • Medical equipment for seagoing sailing yachts
  • Lifeboat medical chests in accordance with German, Scandinavian and international regulations

We supply ships in accordance with german and international/WHO regulations.

We offer:

  • Fair prices
  • Medicines with a long shelf-life
  • Translations into English (short use instructions)
  • We also grant special terms


The sheer amount of information concerning active ingredients and the proper handling with medicine leads with an increased regularity to more insecurity – this is why the Hafenapotheke puts emphasis on a thorough and individual consultancy. An example: In order to help you more personally, it could be helpful to initiate your personal client’s account at Hafenapotheke.  Side-effect: Spendings can be proved to finance authorities or health insurances much easier than before.

A selection of our offerings:


  • Free check to identify interactions between different medicines, for patients with a customer account
  • Asthma consultancy
  • Diabetic consultancy
  • HIV consultancy
  • Incontinence consultancy
  • Consultancy concerning veterinary medicines
  • Cosmetic consultancy (Dr. Hauschka, Vichy. La Roche,
    Posay and Ph5 Eucerine)
  • Campaigns

Orders accepted by e-mail, fax or telephone.

Tel. +49 (0) 40 - 37 51 83 81
Fax +49 (0) 40 - 37 51 83 89


Ditmar-Koel-Str. 5 •  20459 Hamburg •  Tel. 040 - 36 90 55 80 •  Fax 040 - 37 51 83 89 •  E-Mail: info@hafenapotheke-hamburg.de



Uta Bienert
Ulrike Geiger
Tanja Guizetti
Anja Thiem
PtA, Schiffsabteilung
Andrea Tietzel
PtA, Schiffsabteilung
Birte Gerntke-Wieben 



Police, emergency, assault 110

Fire, Ambulance, first aid 112

Medical emergency service 040 - 22 80 22

Dental emergency service 01805 - 05 05 18 (Wednesday afternoon u. weekend)

Poison control centre Göttingen 05 51 - 192 40

Verterinary emergency service 040 - 43 43 79

Apotheken Notdienst


Ulrike Geiger, Apothekerin

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